Sunday, October 14, 2012

No wonder he was so helpful...

Funny story:

So the other day I went to the grocery store.  This store only has self-checkout, but the employees usually come help bag your groceries if they are not busy doing something else.  I had 3 reusable bags with me and started checking out all my stuff, sending it down the conveyor belt.  When there was a small pile starting to form, one of the men that worked there asked me if I would hand him my bags so he could start bagging my groceries.  So I did.

There were other people at the checkout who had various questions or issues, and he would stop and go help them, but then he was right back there helping me as soon as he was finished.  He also smiled at me a lot and seemed to be flirting a bit.  This guy was really short as men go, and since I am also extremely petite, I just figured he was attracted to me because I was one of the few women  who didn't tower over him.

I get home and start unloading my groceries in the kitchen.  In the bottom of the bag I notice something black and stretchy, and I think, "what is that?  Did one of us accidentally bag something that belongs to someone else?"  I pull the black thing out... and discover that it is a pair of my panties.  A lacy black thong, to be exact.  And then I remember the day that I had a change of clothes in that particular bag.

I immediately think of the guy that bagged my groceries.   At first I'm horrified, but then I remember him flirting with me, and it starts to become funny.  At least the panties were not one of my ratty pairs, or worse, NOT CLEAN.  I tell my boyfriend later, who thinks it's hilarious, and is sure that it gave that guy a cheap thrill.  I hope so, but then again, he might have told all of his co-workers at the store about the weird chick with the panties in her grocery bag.

I guess I'll just have to see if everyone smirks at me the next time I go shopping.


  1. HAHA! That just made my evening. Thanks so much for sharing that story, what a gem. Nah, you're not weird, just special. Oh gosh, I can just imagine what was going through his mind. Brilliant! As for sorting out the logistics as to why he was flirting with you, it was not height related. You're a babe, embrace it :)

  2. Aww, that's sweet! Poor guy was blindsided by panties. I wonder if he thought I wasn't wearing any because those were them. I kinda hope so. ;)