Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Through the eyes of a child...

This is not Pagan-related, but I wanted to post some funny pics I took with the kids I worked with over the summer.  Working with children is not easy, but it can be a lot of fun.  They cracked me up with some of the goofy stuff they did!  We all had a good time.

And sorry about the crappy quality of the pics - I have a really old, janky phone.  Enjoy...

So, we learned that if you are going to use a towel instead of a potholder to pull things out of the oven, DO NOT let it touch the heating coil!!!

These are foam tiles with road tracks.  You put them together on the floor to make a mat and drive cars around on them.  Not that anyone ever used them for that...

Paint + rocks + hot glue gun + wiggly eyes = total cuteness!

Apparently, it's way more fun to throw toys down the slide than to go down yourself.  I had to monitor this VERY closely for obvious reasons.  Action truck shot!

I saw a lot of very, um, "creative" things done with playdough over the summer.  This was one of them.

This was another.  Two girls caught a fly on the window, encasing it in a bubble of playdough.  Then they went outside and watched the fly through the glass, wandering around and around and around in circles.  FOR AN HOUR.  Talk about easily amused!

All those empty cubbies... and all those backpacks on the floor... hmmmm...

Lego chicken man!  Or something.

This was supposed to be an "ocean scene" art project with fish, penguins, water, and snow.  But one girl had another, creepier idea...

...and decided to illustrate the morbid end result as well (love it!)

A shrine to the ostrich god?  The funny part is that this is a postcard that the boy who built this brought from home (what is it with these kids and birds??!)

IT'S A TRAP!!!  
(Craft idea from Bonnie Burton's The Star Wars Craft Book.)

This last one of a chalk drawing is actually from a previous job, but I had to include it.  The nine-year-old boy who drew it was oblivious to why we thought it was so funny.  It's supposed to be a public pool on one side and and a park on the other connected by a street or something like that.  Ha!  He couldn't figure out why the teachers couldn't stop laughing.  

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