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Spiritually-themed jewelry

One of my favorites.
Jewelry seems to play a pretty large role in any personal spiritual practice, especially in Paganism, since we Pagans looooove all things sparkly and shiny.  Because I run an Etsy shop with a Pagan/Wiccan, Metaphysical, and Earth-Centered Spirituality theme, I have given magical/spiritual jewelry quite a lot of thought.

There are literally millions of listings for "jewelry" on Etsy, and most of my witchy acquaintances who have shops there sell some type of it.  And yet, I've sold or traded more jewelry than anything else from my shop, so I must not be the only one who can see the value and/or the good energy in the jewelry I make.  Like I said, I put a lot of thought into it, and I try to put an equal amount of effort into my creations, too.  So I'm going to share my thoughts, insights, ideas, and advice on magical and spiritual jewelry, since I've been making and selling it for years.  (Note:  all jewelry pics are from items I have made, that have either sold or are currently for sale in my Etsy shop at

All glass, stone, and metal beads!
1.  Avoid plastic.
Plastic has it's place in kid's jewelry, because it's inexpensive and durable.  You also wouldn't want your rowdy youngster to smash a glass bead or component and get cut.  But other than that, plastic just looks and feels cheap and unnatural, and gives off weird vibes.  Why would you want those kinds of influences in something that's supposed to be sacred or magical?  Although more expensive, I recommend that you stick with jewelry made from stone, glass, metal, shell, bone, horn, wood, etc.

Good ol' jasper and hematite
2.  Know the properties.
A lot of people buy magical jewelry with the bling factor in mind, and I'm not sure why.  A bigger or shinier crystal does not automatically make it better, nor does a hefty price tag.  Some of my favorite stones and crystals to work with are very common, affordable, and not terribly flashy, and yet they have some of the most amazing properties and make really awesome magical tools.  Know the properties of the stones and crystals you buy; don't purchase them based on their looks alone.

Wheel of the Year
3.  Sometimes less is more.
Again, jewelry does not need to be huge or weigh a ton to have spiritual significance.  Are you wearing it for yourself, or are you trying to proclaim to the world how super-hardcore-uber-witchy you are?  Take this pentacle on the right, for instance.  It has been mounted on a copper "donut," which has been mounted on a filigree base.  Around the pentacle are eight crystals, symbolizing the eight Pagan holidays, with a multi-colored crystal in the center. And the entire pendant is about the size of a quarter.  Small and simple, yet beautiful meaningful at the same time.

OOAK design
4.  Don't be afraid of a little creativity.
I think everyone (at least secretly) wants to have or wear something unique, so why do I always see the same jewelry designs everywhere?  Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against pentacles, Celtic knots, and triple-moon motifs, but they're certainly not the only alternative religious symbols.  But if you absolutely MUST wear these, then look for (or make) something with a little pizzazz.  Don't just accept charms thrown onto chains or earring hooks and call it a day.  BORING!  Put some effort into what you make, or choose something handmade and/or one of a kind (OOAK) if buying from someone else.  Better yet, come up with an idea and get it custom made!

Pagan and proud... and private.
5.  Make it personal.
Not everyone wants to go around proclaiming their religious beliefs with what they wear.  Some people are "in the broom closet," and some people think that religion is a private matter and just don't feel like being obvious or too conspicuous.  I can relate; the only time you'll see me flaunting a pentacle is in circle with other Pagans or at a Pagan festival.  That doesn't mean that I don't have choices when it comes to magical jewelry.  These understated Pagan earrings are a good example:  they have all four colors of the elements + purple for spirit, they feature a heart inside a circle (symbolizing our beliefs and practices), and they are made from both silver and gold to represent the balance between Goddess/God and feminine/masculine.  But they just look like a colorful pair of earrings to the casual observer! Just about anything can have magical or spiritual significance, so give it some thought and see what "ordinary" jewelry speaks in a magical language to you!  (P.S.  I try to stock a lot of this kind of "stealth" jewelry in my shop, especially in my kid/teen section.  Just FYI.)

For funky hippie/LGBT mojo!
Lastly, I want to say that the most important thing about any piece of spiritual or magical jewelry is that it has to "feel" good.  It doesn't matter how gorgeous, well-made, valuable, or rare any jewelry is if it gives you a strange or icky feeling when you put it on.  In many cases, the jewelry might have picked up some negative vibes and could use a good clearing/cleansing.  However, if that doesn't work, then you and that piece are simply incompatible, and you should sell, give away, or donate the jewelry, even if it was a gift.  By letting it go, you will be better off, and it's likely that the jewelry will find it's way into the hands of someone who IS compatible with it.  And you can find something better suited to you to replace it with.

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