Friday, January 20, 2012

Cool dollar store purchase.

Check out this awesome kid's suncatcher kit I found at Dollar Tree yesterday!  I wonder if the company that makes these knows that this is a Pagan sacred symbol?  (Probably not, since the company also offers a suncatcher Jesus fish.)  I might have to go around to the other Dollar Tree stores and see if they have more... I know my Pagan friends would think this is as cool as I do.  (Yeah, we're all easily amused!)

I've always known this symbol as a "triple spiral" or "triskele."  In Paganism, we use the symbol to represent the threefold aspect of the Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone.)  I know that the symbol itself is incredibly old, and was used widely in Celtic culture, which is why it is so popular with modern day Pagans.  I've also seen it used in a number of tattoos.  What I didn't know is that Christians have adopted the symbol to use in representing the Trinity, and that variations of the symbol can be found among the Greeks, Koreans, and Japanese.  Apparently, even the Third Reich had a version (thanks a lot for corrupting yet another sacred symbol, Nazis!)  For more information, read the Wikipedia article here:

I think I'm going to paint my suncatcher in shades of green and blue, with lots of glitter.  Yay!

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