Friday, July 8, 2011

Newly published pieces

So what has happened in the past month?  Quite a bit, actually.  For starters, I got laid off.  THAT sucked.  And I'm completely broke, living paycheck to paycheck on unemployment, which is really difficult to do.  So that sucks as well.  Other than that, things are pretty positive.

Llewellyn sent me my "complimentary contributer copies" (say THAT ten times fast!) of the 2012 Magical Almanac and the 2012 Witches' Calendar. Seeing my articles in print was amazing, and still feels really surreal. Both are now available online, through Llewellyn's website as well as through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell's, and weirdly enough, um... Walmart's website?  Huh.  Yeah, didn't expect that!  Not sure when copies actually physically hit shelves in any stores, but then again, the present year is only half over.  So soon enough, I suppose.  Anyway, check them out if you get a chance.  I have two articles in the Magical Almanac, one called "Everyday Huichol Wisdom," and "Nature Printing," which is a crafting tutorial.  My article in the Witches' Calendar, "Plant Familiars," is in the month of May.

I also had an article published in Circle Magazine, in the Sacred Dance issue (summer 2011.)  It's called "Sacred Movement for Everyone," and it's about how people who live with physical limitations can participate in all aspects of religous life, including dancing and activities within sacred space.  For those of you who are not familiar with Circle, it's a quarterly magazine published by Circle Sanctuary in Wisconsin, which was founded in 1974 by Selena Fox.   

One of the few Pagan periodicals still actually in print, Circle is actually quite a fun magazine, with an eclectic, charming, "homespun" feel to it, and quite a variety of things to read, including articles, poetry, short stories, recipes, some DIY, and reports on what everyone at Circle Sanctuary is up to.  You can get the magazine at their website, although I was buying mine off the rack at Borders until they all closed in my area.

Other than that, I've done quite a few fun things with my boyfriend in the past month.  We went indoor skydiving, we went to the Rammstein concert  (Rammstein is my favorite band, btw, and this was their first U.S. tour in ten years!), we saw "Thor," we took two trips over the hill to the Capitola/Santa Cruz area, and he and I met up with some old friends at a San Jose comic and art show.  I'm also back to my routine at the gym, and I've been crafting and beading like a madwoman for this jewelry party I'm going to have at my mom's house.  So other than being poor, things have been going great!  Now I just have to make sure to keep up with the writing....

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