Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost in the shuffle?

One of the questions I've been asked the most by friends and family is "what is your blog going to be about?" 

That's a tough one... I want to write about my thoughts and perceptions of the world around me as seen through my Pagan eyes.  As I become more and more entrenched in the Pagan community and comfortable with my own existence as a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch (I've been mostly in the "broom closet" for the last 10+ years)  I'm beginning to realize that I see everything through this filter, this worldview that is different from most people around me. 

And yet, I'm just one of many out there blogging about Paganism, so what makes me unique?  Do I have different thoughts and opinions from the masses?  Yes, definitely.  Are these ideas different from my fellow Pagans?  I think that in some cases, the answer is yes.  However, I think that even blogging about my similar views can only be positive, as hopefully I can connect with some like-minded individuals and broaden my circle of friends and acquaintances. 

The main idea occupying my thoughts right now is what to call my blog.  I certainly would like it to be something different or even special, but most importantly, it has to be memorable.  I'm tossing around some ideas, and like the proverbial method of making spaghetti, I think I'll just have to throw some at the wall and see what sticks.

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