Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Say hello to the doggieeeeeeeeeee!

Yep, that's right... me, a by nature die-hard cat person, got a dog.  And not just a dog, but a PUPPY.  And NO ONE prepared me for how difficult and time-intensive this was going to be. But then again, just LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

Right after we got her a month ago... (12 lbs.)

...and just taken this week. (22 lbs.)
I mean, is she freaking gorgeous or what????  She's half Husky and half Terrier mix - mom was half Staffordshire Terrier and half French Bulldog.  Her paperwork says "half Pit Bull," but that's oversimplifying it a bit.  And YES, all you dog activists out there... she IS a rescue.

Her name is Lana, named after Lana Kane from "Archer," if any of you watch that show.  I don't know how we decided on that name, it just sorta fit.  And she's living up to it, too - she's sweet and has a great personality, but she is also a little badass with a really strong will.  I have the gray hairs coming in to prove it, ha ha.

More to come about Lana soon... as it is, I barely have time to eat and sleep when I'm working, going to school, and trying to train a puppy.  Sometimes I feel like I had a little furry child.

***Update 3/22/14***
- Have I idiotically been going around saying "Stratfordshire Terrier" all this time?  I mean STAFFORDSHIRE, obviously.  Whoops... just changed it above. -