Monday, July 28, 2014

New stuff on Etsy

After a lot of months of "hemming and hawing" and (frankly) making excuses about my Etsy shop, there are finally new things!!!!  You know where to find them - get them while you can!:

"Mermaid's Grotto" Box with matching necklace!
Beautiful, simple, snowflake obsidian pendant on a ball chain necklace.
All four of my "elemental" beaded necklaces together!  How pretty!
Ha ha ha ha... "RUDE" bottle cap magnets for your fridge!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

SALE SALE SALE in my Etsy shop!

Happy Ostara!

I am REALLY feeling the Spring Cleaning urge this year (I can just hear my boyfriend roll his eyes in disbelief, ha ha) so I have decided to start with cleaning out my Etsy shop.  Ya gotta prune away the dead stuff before you have room for new growth!

So right now I have TWO sale sections going... the original 25% off section, with new things added, here:
and another section of $5 clearance items here:

Here are some things you will find in either section:

Pendant comes with a free chain!
One of my first mini divining kits!
I've gotten LOADS of compliments on this.
Simple, earthy, tribal vibe.
"Four elements" resin magnets.
One of my favorite mixed media pieces.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Say hello to the doggieeeeeeeeeee!

Yep, that's right... me, a by nature die-hard cat person, got a dog.  And not just a dog, but a PUPPY.  And NO ONE prepared me for how difficult and time-intensive this was going to be. But then again, just LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

Right after we got her a month ago... (12 lbs.)

...and just taken this week. (22 lbs.)
I mean, is she freaking gorgeous or what????  She's half Husky and half Terrier mix - mom was half Staffordshire Terrier and half French Bulldog.  Her paperwork says "half Pit Bull," but that's oversimplifying it a bit.  And YES, all you dog activists out there... she IS a rescue.

Her name is Lana, named after Lana Kane from "Archer," if any of you watch that show.  I don't know how we decided on that name, it just sorta fit.  And she's living up to it, too - she's sweet and has a great personality, but she is also a little badass with a really strong will.  I have the gray hairs coming in to prove it, ha ha.

More to come about Lana soon... as it is, I barely have time to eat and sleep when I'm working, going to school, and trying to train a puppy.  Sometimes I feel like I had a little furry child.

***Update 3/22/14***
- Have I idiotically been going around saying "Stratfordshire Terrier" all this time?  I mean STAFFORDSHIRE, obviously.  Whoops... just changed it above. -