Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yay for Sweden!

Apparently these "plus-sized" mannequins on display in an H&M store in Sweden are causing a lot of controversy.  I'm not sure why, since this one looks perfectly normal to me!  Check out the article here:

A further look at all the comments below the article (and I went through pages and pages of these...) will reveal... SURPRISE... almost all of the people who commented love the look of the "plus-sized" model, especially the straight men!

(Btw, I keep putting the words "plus-sized" in quotes, since the article declines to say what size the mannequin actually IS.  Which makes me a bit suspicious, since she looks like a normal weight in terms of body mass.  Like a taller girl or a girl with bigger bones, not FAT by any stretch of the imagination!  In fact, I'd LOVE to look like that mannequin!)

With all of the positive feedback, I'm hoping that we will be seeing more of these mannequins soon.  And if we did, there would be no reason not to keep the current model (such as the one in the background) from going away, either... as one wise person observed (and I'm paraphrasing here...) "Having both of the mannequins in stores is the most accurate model of society, because women come in all shapes and sizes."  Another poster said something like, "what's sexy about these mannequins has nothing to do with their size, it's that they are carrying themselves like they are sexy, which is true of all women (i.e. looking confident, with heads up, shoulders back, straight spine, etc.)" So very true - confidence is TOTALLY sexy!

Naturally there have been some that are hostile to the "plus-sized" mannequins, calling them fat and/or unattractive.  WHATEVER.  I, for one, think they are fantastic, and for once the majority of people out there seem to agree with my opinions.

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