Saturday, March 23, 2013


Anyone who has spent time with me knows how much I love to make things out of bottle caps, especially resin-filled jewelry and magnets.  So every time I'm at a party or out with friends, I'm always trying to get them to give me their caps off whatever they are drinking.

Recently a friend told me that he had a bunch of caps saved at home that he keeps meaning to bring me.  Well, he finally did, and HOLY CAP, er... CRAP!  He wasn't kidding!!!

Ask and ye shall receive, apparently!  Here are some pictures of the caps I was given and a few examples of what I make them into (some for sale at my Etsy shop.)  Have any other ideas what I can do with a ton of bottle caps?  Feel free to share your ideas below!

This is a big ol' bag of caps!

A look inside the bag...

Poured out (and this is only about half...)

Closeup... some nice looking caps!

OMG, there's a lot of them!

First they need to have a little bath.

"Four Elements" magnet set (for sale on Etsy)

Owl with rhinestone eyes pendant (for sale on Etsy)

Necklace and keychain gifts for a friend.

Laying out caps to make a rune set!

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  1. How nice! My son just bought a necklace from you at SJSU and was devastated when he lost it on the playground at school. This just reminded me to go to your shop and get him another. I love your design ideas.