Saturday, March 23, 2013


Anyone who has spent time with me knows how much I love to make things out of bottle caps, especially resin-filled jewelry and magnets.  So every time I'm at a party or out with friends, I'm always trying to get them to give me their caps off whatever they are drinking.

Recently a friend told me that he had a bunch of caps saved at home that he keeps meaning to bring me.  Well, he finally did, and HOLY CAP, er... CRAP!  He wasn't kidding!!!

Ask and ye shall receive, apparently!  Here are some pictures of the caps I was given and a few examples of what I make them into (some for sale at my Etsy shop.)  Have any other ideas what I can do with a ton of bottle caps?  Feel free to share your ideas below!

This is a big ol' bag of caps!

A look inside the bag...

Poured out (and this is only about half...)

Closeup... some nice looking caps!

OMG, there's a lot of them!

First they need to have a little bath.

"Four Elements" magnet set (for sale on Etsy)

Owl with rhinestone eyes pendant (for sale on Etsy)

Necklace and keychain gifts for a friend.

Laying out caps to make a rune set!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yay for Sweden!

Apparently these "plus-sized" mannequins on display in an H&M store in Sweden are causing a lot of controversy.  I'm not sure why, since this one looks perfectly normal to me!  Check out the article here:

A further look at all the comments below the article (and I went through pages and pages of these...) will reveal... SURPRISE... almost all of the people who commented love the look of the "plus-sized" model, especially the straight men!

(Btw, I keep putting the words "plus-sized" in quotes, since the article declines to say what size the mannequin actually IS.  Which makes me a bit suspicious, since she looks like a normal weight in terms of body mass.  Like a taller girl or a girl with bigger bones, not FAT by any stretch of the imagination!  In fact, I'd LOVE to look like that mannequin!)

With all of the positive feedback, I'm hoping that we will be seeing more of these mannequins soon.  And if we did, there would be no reason not to keep the current model (such as the one in the background) from going away, either... as one wise person observed (and I'm paraphrasing here...) "Having both of the mannequins in stores is the most accurate model of society, because women come in all shapes and sizes."  Another poster said something like, "what's sexy about these mannequins has nothing to do with their size, it's that they are carrying themselves like they are sexy, which is true of all women (i.e. looking confident, with heads up, shoulders back, straight spine, etc.)" So very true - confidence is TOTALLY sexy!

Naturally there have been some that are hostile to the "plus-sized" mannequins, calling them fat and/or unattractive.  WHATEVER.  I, for one, think they are fantastic, and for once the majority of people out there seem to agree with my opinions.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm the Shop of the Week!

Come check out my feature as "Shop of the Week" on the Witches of Etsy team!

I'm really excited to be featured, as almost all of the items I make are specifically geared toward the Pagan/Wiccan/Witch community.

My newest items in my Etsy shop are knitted tarot bag and amulet pouch sets (yes, I sometimes knit, too!) and most of them are only $15, and they come with a free gemstone! (Choose from blue quartz, smoky quartz, or red jasper!)  The  pouches/bags are all different sizes, for carrying different tarot decks, runes, crystals, mojos or amulets.  Have a look, and make sure to visit this section in my Etsy store for more information:

Also, I want to make it clear that I am always open to barter and trade!  I feel that with the crappy economy, it is well within everyone's interest to barter and trade whatever they have to give for whatever it is that they want/need. This was the original mode of commerce before "money," and it is making a comeback.  And why shouldn't it, ESPECIALLY in the Pagan community?  We have to stick together and help each other, because no one else is going to do it for us!

Friday, February 22, 2013

ARRRGH (no, I'm not making pirate noises.)

Look... I love Etsy, and I love my Pagan peeps.  But for GODDESS' SAKE, if I see one more person selling "alter" tools or "pentical" jewelry, or trying to pass off obviously dyed blue howlite as real turquoise, I'm going to lose it.

... so, with that in mind, I have this to say:

1.  To all of you who buy things online, DO YOUR RESEARCH.
2.  Know what the kind of stone or crystal you are buying should look like.
3.  Don't take anyone's word for it what properties it should have - look it up.
4.  Make sure to clear/cleanse ANY altar tools or anything else you will use for sacred purposes (even if it's supposedly been "blessed" or whatever.  You don't know for sure that's true!)
5.  And don't forget to ask yourself:  how much quality or expertise can you REALLY expect from a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch vendor who can't bother to spell the tools of his/her trade or the terminology of his/her own religion (and the religion of the people they are selling to!) correctly?  Hmmm?

And while I'm on this topic, WHAT is going on with all the polymer clay stuff?  Why do Witches even use it?  For those who are not aware, it's NOT clay... it's actually made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which, by the way, is PLASTIC.

Most Witches I know turn up their noses at plastic ritual jewelry or anything altar-related made of plastic, but for some reason everyone's just fine with making athames and wands and all sorts of other "sacred" tools with the stuff.  I'd be a laughingstock if I went down to Home Depot, bought some white PVC pipe, stuck a crystal on it and called it a "wand," but the reality is that a polymer clay wand amounts to about the same thing.  It just looks nicer.

Just a little food for thought.  And in case you are wondering, *This rant was brought to you today by PMS and a slight headache.*

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Witchy Giveaway!

Right now there is a fun giveaway happening on my Witches of Etsy team.  The items being given away can be viewed as a treasury collection here:
I myself have donated this awesome green and silver beaded pentacle!

Eco-friendly and truly "green!"
One lucky winner (picked by will get everything in the treasury!  To enter to win, you have to do three things:
1.  Favorite the treasury on Etsy (use the heart button on the left above the stats)
2.  Like the treasury on Facebook (use the "like" button on the bottom under "share")
3.  Leave a comment about the treasury.

That's all there is to it!  Please share this treasury and details about the giveaway with all the Witchy folk you know, and don't forget to enter!  Here are a few other pics to get you excited... one for real engraved stone runes, a personalized reading, and some handmade Witchy cards!  They could be yours... good luck!