Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to us!

Pagans LOVE to party.  And since this Pagan chick just had her 35th birthday, plus her boyfriend's birthday is coming up next week, we decided to have a birthday party last Saturday!

We had so much fun, we forgot to take pictures during the party itself, so all I have are these "after" pictures.  Think we have enough liquor???!!!

...And here's the kitchen after I trashed it making food.

This also became quite the hot spot as the night went on.  Check out how full the ashtray is from all of us drunken chain-smokers!  Ha ha!

The funniest part is that a lot of our friends also brought liquor with them... so when I was cleaning up, I found 4 open bottles of Patron tequila, 1 unopened one, and one empty in the recycle bin. Guess I know what everyone likes!

Anyway, Happy 35th to me on the 1st, and happy 40th to my boyfriend on the 19th!  (Plus a belated happy birthday to my sister on Oct. 28th!  SCORPIOS RULE!)  And thanks to all our friends for a spectacular party!  We all had a great time!

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