Monday, October 22, 2012

Astrology and natal charts.

Just a quick note/opinion:

I feel that those who don't understand or don't believe in astrology also probably don't get that it is so much more involved than just reading a horoscope in the paper.

The true nature (science?) of astrology involves a hell of a lot more than just a person's sign.  If you ever get the chance to have a natal chart prepared and interpreted for you, try it.  You will need your exact time, date, and location where you were born.

A natal chart can then be prepared for you that examines the specific and distinctive relationships between the planets in relation to you and where you were when you came into this world.  It is (in my opinion) an incredibly revealing and uncanny "blueprint" of sorts that outlines all of your personality traits and possible life decisions.  I say "possible" because I think that it only roughly estimates what you might be drawn to or do in your lifetime, not because I believe that it will predict your future.  This is one of the reasons that I love astrology; it can be so accurate in determining a person's strengths and weaknesses, attractions and aversions, even thoughts and probable decisions.  But a person still has free will, and can choose to change any of these at any time.  Knowledge about a personal natal chart can also make this easier.

At the very least, obtain your birth records and determine your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign.  Even these three astrological facts will be extremely more informative than just knowing your sun sign alone.  (Also, try to get your exact time of birth... it can make a big difference in accuracy.)    There are some great places online where you can get a natal chart, such as this one here:  Then, if you are interested in learning more about astrology, consider making an in-person appointment with an astrologer, who can explain in greater detail the finer points of your chart and who can also field any questions you might have.  If there are no astrologers in your area or you don't know how to find one, you can also get a chart made and interpreted for you through email.  Etsy has a number of people who provide this service, as does Llewellyn Worldwide.  Go to either site and search for "natal chart" or "birth chart."  Above all, have fun with it and try to keep an open mind!

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