Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Etsy Barter/Trade Updates

I promised months ago that I would keep a detailed account of who I had traded with on Etsy, since I could vouch for those stores if anyone else wanted to trade with them.  So rather than put out a new list every few months, I think I will just start this one and add to it as I go.  (If you want to know how to do Etsy trades, send me a message through Etsy, my blog, or my email and I will gladly explain it.)

1.  Liz and Jordan at Creepy Creations (flamethrowerluv13):  (NOTE:  recently Creepy Creations closed their Etsy store and moved it to Storenvy, here:
2.  Tinker Toad at Notch Road Fairies:
3.  Kat at Readings By Kat:
4.  Deborah at Alaska Laser Maid:
5.  Jean at Leaves on the Wind:
6.  Cynthia at Moon Hunter Jewelry:
7.  Cassie at Cassie Vision:
(PLEASE NOTE:  I approached Cassie about a trade on 12/2/13, and she is currently not trading because Etsy is her only source of income.  I don't know if this will eventually change or not.)
8.  Jen at Unique Visions by Jen:
9.  Eryn at Naturally Eccentric (faeriesndragons):
10.  Myth at Myth's Magickal Market:
11.  Niina at FairyChamber:

Everyone on this list is super friendly and very approachable in terms of trading, and all have been wonderful to work with - very communicative, generous, and great turnaround on shipping.  I've had nothing but good luck with each of these stores.  (Psst... if you don't have an Etsy store but you do have an Etsy account and think that you might have something to trade that would be attractive to someone, just send them a convo or email with a picture and description attached and offer to send more pics if necessary.  You never know!)

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