Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Californians: VOTE YES ON PROP 37

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote YES on Prop 37!!!  This is very important!

This is the measure that will force agribusiness to label food they produce that contains genetically engineered (GMO, for "genetically modified organism") ingredients. And BTW, studies show that almost all soy and soybean products, which are in EVERYTHING, are GMO. http://www.naturalnews.com/034812_GMO_corn_soy.html 

There are a TON of anti-Prop 37 ads on TV that urge the consumer to vote against Prop 37, saying that it will cost consumers "about $400 in grocery bills every year" and that dupe the consumer into thinking that the labeling is "deceptive." They say that it "makes no sense" and they repeatedly use the word "scheme" to make everyone believe that they are getting screwed. Another thing that opponents to Prop 37 like to harp on is how "complex" and "misleading" the exemptions would be. Taken from the Official Voter Information Guide:

"37 is full of absurd, politically motivated exemptions. It requires special labels on soy milk, but exempts cow's milk and dairy products. Fruit juice requires a label, but alcohol is exempt. Pet foods containing meat require labels, but meats for human consumption are exempt."

Let's take this argument apart, shall we?

Soy milk is required to be labeled because SOYBEAN PLANTS ARE GENETICALLY ENGINEERED.  Milk and other dairy products are foods that come from cows, and cows are NOT genetically engineered.  The labeling is NOT required if the cow ate genetically engineered grain or feed - which is ALSO why meat is not required to be labeled:  because the animal which the meat came from itself is NOT genetically engineered.  HOWEVER, this is why pet food would be labeled:  because it also contains genetically engineered plants, such as grains, NOT because it is made out of meat as the opponents to Prop 37 would have you believe.  The fact that the pet food has meat in it is completely beside the point - it would be labeled because it contains GMO crops.  This is also why fruit juice would be labeled, if it came from a GMO plant.  (Not sure why alcohol is exempt, except that it is exempt from a lot of other things as well.) Organic foods are automatically exempt from the labeling, because anything "organic" by definition is not allowed to contain GMOs.  Not too difficult to understand, is it?  And yet the big businesses (among them, Monsanto, one of the most insidious and evil corporations in the world) apparently think we are all so stupid that we can't figure it out.

As for the claim that food costs will go up an average of $400 a year for families:  they say this under the assumption that food producers will switch to costlier organic or non-GMO ingredients rather than change their labels.  What?  Seriously?  The only thing that Prop 37 does is force producers to inform the consumer through labeling whether or not the food was produced using GMO ingredients - it does NOT prevent GMOs from being used.  Therefore, GMO products will still be sold, and people will still be free to buy them.  And because some people only seem to care about getting their food at the lowest prices, many will still buy them.  But at least we will all have the choice to buy GMO food or avoid it by knowing what is actually in the food.

And one more thing to consider:  why is it that Monsanto and all these other biotech and agribusiness companies are spending millions and millions of dollars to keep Prop 37 from passing? If their GMO foods are (as they claim) exactly the same as non-GMO foods and are completely safe and their crops so much better and beneficial to humankind, why aren't they standing behind them?  Why are they so worried about people finding out exactly which foods contain their products?  THAT in itself makes me really think that there must be some truth to the idea that GMO foods and crops are not as safe as they would have everyone believe.  There are scientists who claim that GMO foods may be the cause of the rise in food allergies, autism, ADHD, sterility, organ damage, even gene mutations that may be linked to cancer, Alzheimers, brain damage, birth defects, and other degenerative disorders and diseases.  I won't even go into how environmentally harmful GMOs are (that's a rant for another time.)

Here is something really nasty.  Monsanto, the largest producer of GMOs in the world, is responsible for most of that GMO corn and soy that is hiding in your food (remember the article from my first paragraph?)  Those same GMO crops were genetically engineered to resist herbicides, such as Roundup, which they also produce.  Most people have seen what Roundup does to weeds - it completely obliterates them, because the shit is so toxic. Which is why Monsanto has developed Roundup resistant crops:  so that they can spray the entire field, and only the weeds will die, but not the crops themselves.  That means, essentially, that whenever you eat GMOs, you are eating Roundup.     EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW.

In closing, all I want to say is:
And if you really want to be safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible, BUY ORGANIC.

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