Friday, September 28, 2012


What is Moldavite?  Most people consider it a gemstone, but it is actually a type of natural glass, much like obsidian.  Moldavite is a clear olive, moss, or forest green color due to it's high iron content.  However, the really cool part is that it is also from outer space.

This "space glass" is actually classified as a tektite, which is a type of meteorite.  About 15-20 million years ago, a huge meteor fell to Earth, partially burned up in the atmosphere, and crashed into what we now call the Moldau River valley, scattering vaporized debris into the air that cooled, solidified, and rained down moldavite all over the region.  All genuine moldavite comes from only four mines, each located in the Czech Republic, making moldavite considerably rare.

It is prized among those who believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones.  People say that moldavite has a very high vibrational frequency, and report a phenomenon called the "moldavite flush" when handling it, where the face and neck sweat or turn red and the heart beats more quickly. Emotional healing often occurs with this reaction, in that the heart chakra is opened, and people experience a profound release - whether through laughter or tears depends upon the individual.

Moldavite is said to enhance one's spiritual progression, balance all of the chakras, deepen a person's intuition and psychic powers, and open a person to his or her spiritual guides.  Many other gemstones can claim these powers as well, but what sets moldavite apart is the fast pace and intensity of these occurrences when working with this stone.   Moldavite is also regarded as a sort of portal to other dimensions; being comprised of both the earth and the stars, moldavite is used for receiving information from the cosmos and for communing with extraterrestrial or otherworldly beings.

Some have a hard time working with moldavite because of its depth and force.  These people have to build up gradually or only work with moldavite at specific times.  Others, however, take to moldavite like a duck to water.  The theory is that these people really need moldavite on some level, whether it is because they have become embittered or cynical in life and need to rediscover a childlike appreciation of it, or because they are "star children" that are feeling lost in this incarnation on Earth.

My own personal experiences of moldavite are limited, but extremely marked.  I have a pentacle necklace that was given to me by my aunt that I used to wear when I went to coven meetings.  Between the combination of ritual and the moldavite, I almost always went home too high-strung to go to sleep... and this would sometimes last for hours.  It wasn't a bad feeling, like having too much caffeine, but more like the kind of excitement I felt as a kid going to sleep on Christmas Eve.

My moldavite pentacle necklace
I have also noticed that the times I have worn the necklace outside of the coven, I have felt very quick-minded.  It has helped in a number of situations where I was trying to write or be mentally quick on my feet.  On the down side, I have also felt spacey and air-headed in a few situations wearing the necklace.  And again, prolonged contact with the moldavite has almost always resulted in me taking a lot longer to calm down and relax.

I do want to note, however, that some of the information I read about moldavite says that it begins to change you whether you like it or not as soon as it comes into your life.  I would have to say that I agree with this opinion, since I myself began to rapidly change right after I received this necklace... yet, I'm pretty sure that I was already ripe for change, or the moldavite would not have worked on me this way.  Which means that, unfortunately, as much as you might like someone else you know to change, I don't think that simply giving them a moldavite is going to make that happen.  If, on the other hand, you think they just need a little push - well, I guess it wouldn't hurt!

I highly recommend moldavite just because it definitely helped me to get outside of myself.  It deepened the work I was already doing internally, but at the same time, it did make me more aware of others around me that I was compatible with, and it inspired me to pursue relationships with some of these people, who in turn became essential to my spiritual growth.  Just a little nudge in the right direction.... maybe that's what I got from the moldavite.

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