Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet"

I relate quotes from "The Prophet" quite a bit.  It's another one of those sources that I return back to often when I'm looking for a bit of non-denominational inspiration, as the writings of Kahlil Gibran seem to cross many cultural and religious barriers.  In fact, the interfaith nature of his work is one of the reasons that Khalil Gibran first became popular and still remains so today.  I too have enjoyed reading him immensely, both back when I was a Christian AND now that I am a Pagan.  I have also heard that he is equally cherished by those who are Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or even Buddhist.  How many authors can you think of that can command the love and respect of all of these faiths that are so often opposed to each other?

The fact is that Gibran writes very simple, beautiful, poignant, insightful, and timeless poetry and prose that can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of religious background, political views, ethnicity, etc.  A lot of what he writes can even be interpreted as both inspirational and instructional in the same way that Bible passages are said to be.  Gibran himself was in fact a Christian, but his philosophy and mysticism have their origins in many other world religions in addition to Christianity.  His work was especially popular in the 1960's during the beginning of the New Age movement, and this might be why I consider reading "The Prophet" as one of the events that eventually helped lead me to the Pagan path.

If you have never read any Kahlil Gibran yourself, it is well worth a look.  Here is one of the best online sources for information about him and his work that I have found.  His artwork is also quite impressive, as he studied in Paris with August Rodin.  Enjoy!

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