Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheapo Tarot

Can you believe that I found this at the local Dollar Tree today?  You may have read about the awesome triple spiral suncatcher I found at Dollar Tree about two months ago, but this takes the cake.  Of course it HAD to come home with me.

This tarot set was manufactured by Greenbrier International, Inc. which makes a lot of the merchandise sold by Dollar Tree, including the suncatcher.  I wasn't able to find a lot of info on the company, and I googled all different forms of "Greenbrier International Inc." with "sweatshop" and "environment" and "responsibility" but didn't come up with anything concrete (because you know from my previous posts that I really try to buy green when I can...)

One of the stranger things about this tarot set is that it is basically being marketed as a toy.  I found it with all the other toys and card games, like Old Maid and Go Fish, and it's marked "age 6+."  Upon opening the deck, I also discovered that beyond a few phrases on some (not all) of the cards, there are no instructions on the card meanings, and that to play the "game" means to do a tarot layout, which they vaguely describe in the pamphlet included.

Now, the bad news.
For starters, there is no information whatsoever (even on the cards themselves) for the pip cards.  Just a picture of the suit and the number.  Which would be fine if you already know the meanings of each card.  You could even just look them up online or grab a book about tarot.
For some weird reason, they only included cards 1 - 7 in each suit.  And, there is an ace card for each suit, which makes the 1 cards redundant, except that the ace cards are fully illustrated and have descriptions.  The same is true with all the court cards (King, Queen, Knight, Page) for each suit.

The good news is that all of the cards of the Major Arcana are represented, and all have illustrations and descriptions (albeit peculiar ones.)  Also, the artwork is pretty cool.  So the upside is that, for just a buck, you can at least do a quickie reading using only the Major Arcana cards.  I can also see about a million tarot - inspired craft projects coming out of this, too.  So all in all, I'm still really happy with this purchase.

* There is another interesting post on this deck and further ideas how to read it here:


  1. This is so weird :S They're like a cheapo half-butted deck haha.

  2. Yeah, since I'm no tarot reader in the first place, I think these cards are going to end up in an art project. ;)

  3. I own this deck... It is my favorite lol. I picked it up just for fun at a Horror Convention as a memory. And it became my personal deck. I am a professional psychic on and read tarot almost daily. And the fact is this deck is missing some cards but if you know those cards like i do, those particular cards tend to be of bad news. So since its marketed as a game I understand why they left out the heavy hearted cards. I like to use this deck for communication with ones who have passed on. The messages received are always well conveyed. Even though its a cheap deck lol its a really useful deck in my craft. I am glad to have found and own it. I am actually getting a tattoo of the tarot card The Sun from this deck. The artwork is so intense for something so cheap. So I am also overall happy I went for this deck. I have bought others where I didnt connect so well. And I feel this deck speaks to me. So I hope you enjoy the deck and I also hope you find something special to use it with. Because my boyfriend and I both agree there is a great mystical quality to these cards due to their artwork and also messages written on the top of certain cards... :)

  4. Where can I buy these cards!?