Monday, November 28, 2011

Henna Tattoo

It's not the greatest pic, but I wanted to show off the henna tattoo I got at the San Jose Harvest Festival last Friday.  It was quite the interesting experience, as the artist was this adorable little round outspoken Indian woman with an accent who also tells your fortune before drawing the tattoo.  She explained that when she tells the fortune first, she gets to pick the design of the tattoo, because whatever she chooses and where she places it will act as a physical prayer on the body to compliment what she "sees." 

And she doesn't mince words; the gist of what she saw in me is that I worry my head off, I'm ridiculously hard on myself, and I try overly much to make everyone around me happy because I feel like I have to prove myself all the time.  (All true.)  She chose this design for me to symbolize inner strength and new beginnings, and told me not to care so much what other people think and focus on doing what is right for me and making myself happy. 

I was with my mom and another family member at the time, and her readings were dead-on for all of us.  I think it's also interesting that the woman chose for me the exact type of design I would have asked for if I had been given the choice, and I told her so.  I certainly do feel that I could not have asked for a more "me" tattoo.  I might even consider making it permanent if it wasn't on my hand.  At any rate, when it starts to fade, I'm going to be really tempted to go over it with brown Sharpie!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awesome Wiccan Website

Ever heard of "Wicca: For the Rest of Us?"  It's Catherine Noble Beyer's award- winning website, chock-full of very practical, no-nonsense information about what Wicca is, and more importantly, what Wicca is NOT.  This site, in addition to providing answers to basic questions about Wicca, also addresses some of the most typically held misconceptions that Wiccans have about their own religion.  Check it out here, it's well worth exploring:

I think I first discovered this site when I read her essay, titled "Why We Despise Silver Ravenwolf."  Now, I know it's common (almost trendy, even) to scorn or dislike Silver Ravenwolf and what she writes.  I too have heard more negative than positive about her over the years, so I decided to investigate for myself.  My reasons were simple:  I wanted to become a Pagan writer, and Silver is both well-known and successful, so I figured that she couldn't be all that bad, and that I might be able to learn some of the secrets to her success by dissecting her writing style. The book I picked up was the (back then) recently published "Solitary Witch:  The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation."  After the fourth or so inaccuracy  I came across while reading (since when is Scorpio ruled by the element of fire?) I decided to return it to the store.  However, had I not picked up Silver's book in the first place, would I have found this site?

Apparently, there is now a blog called "To Know, Will, and Dare" that kinda goes with the site, but nothing beats her original essays.  There is a great explanation of the "Threefold Law" (something that has always bothered me the way it is typically explained) here:  And for a short but humorous guide on choosing a Craft name (nothing as hilarious as "Lady Pixie Moondrip's Guide to Craft Names," but still good) read this:  There are also some funny comments on the nature of an athame, as well as solid information about other working tools here:  And lastly, NO ONE else has a better explanation of WTF is going on with the spelling of "magick," which despite being immensely popular, is still stupid in my opinion.  (This essay also has some good info on what magic is and how it works, too.):

* And for those of you who have never read "Lady Pixie Moondrip's Guide to Craft Names," you're in for a treat:   (...hmmm ...Speaking of Silver Ravenwolf, ha ha...)