Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Mabon!

Ok, technically Mabon is not until September 23 this year, but since it usually falls (pun intended) between the 20th-22nd, I figured I would post this today.  Here is one of the very first articles I ever had published.  It is called "Mabon Musings," and it's about... you guessed it... the holiday of Mabon!  I wrote this article because I was trying to understand more about this holiday and what it represents.  Since most people are typically starting to get ready for Samhain/Halloween right now, Mabon can sometimes be overlooked except for the fact that it marks the autumn equinox and the first day of fall.  Us Pagans/Wiccans/Witches know it as the second harvest festival (the way it was celebrated in times past) but we don't always give this holiday its proper due, either.  So read my article, and see if it gives you any ideas how to better appreciate this important time of year:
*Note: This article was originally published online at http://www.mysticwitch.com/

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