Friday, February 25, 2011

Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping

I wanted to share with you someone who I actually have adopted a lot of ideas from.  His name is "Reverend Billy" (note the quotes are because he's not actually a Reverend, but a performance artist who plays one), and he's been a major inspiration of mine.  He leads the "Church of Life After Shopping" (formerly the "Church of Stop Shopping") and their message is one of community, sustainability, diversity, and spirituality in all of its wonderful, many, mysterious forms.  Go look at their website, read the "about us" section, and maybe get on the mailing list or leave a comment or two.

Also watch his movie, "What Would Jesus Buy?" which was produced by Morgan Spurlock.  Netflix has it (both as a rental and instant play) and obviously Amazon carries it, although it's cheaper through Barnes and Noble.  Earth-a-lujah!


  1. I found your blog!

    Some very thought-provoking posts.

    And I love your background photo.

  2. Hey! Merry Meet! Glad you like it so far. If it makes you think, then I'm doing something right. :)