Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yes, I suppose it's about time to start.

Well, after a lot of talk, procrastination, deliberately time-consuming reasearch, hemming and hawing, and lots more unproductive avoidance behavior, I've finally started my blog.  Considering that I hope to eventually be a full-time writer, you could say that I should have done this ages ago.  It was my sister (who works in publishing) who ultimately convinced me to do it "for reals!" as we used to say when we were little.  She pointed out that writing a blog is excellent practice, will allow me to network, and might even help me get some exposure in the writing world.  Since it's part of her job that she knows these things (and because she's my sister) I decided it was probably good advice.  I also want to have SOME kind of online presence established by the end of the year when my three articles will be published, so I can be found and people can read more if they feel so inclined.  But most of all, I think that it's time to face my fear that I might not have anything interesting to say, because that's really the core reason I've been dragging my feet on this project.  I suppose it's completely natural for beginning writers to feel this way; probably even seasoned writers have these doubts from time to time.  I think the important thing here is for me to give myself a chance, and see what manifests.  It's not like my blog will be taken away from me if my writing sucks, ha ha.

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