Monday, January 31, 2011

About the name of my blog....

I think it's funny how things often turn out like this, but no more than an hour or two after I wrote on Thursday that I didn't know what to call my blog, it suddenly came to me out of nowhere that it should be called "Sacred Survival in a Mundane World."  The title seemed so right, but I wasn't quite convinced.  I mulled it over, "tried it on" for a few days, asked a few friends about it, and of course checked to see if anyone else online was using it.  As far as I can tell the phrase seems to be mine for the taking, if I want it.  And you know what?  I decided that I do, I really do.

So why does this name work for me?  It really helped me pin down what it is that I want to blog about: my day-to-day journey, sometimes racing, sometimes just barely staggering along, as I walk the Pagan path.  Anyone who's ever "found themselves" in Paganism knows that our modern world is not always a particularly Pagan-friendly enviornment, and this blog is going to describe my victories and my defeats as I attempt to navigate life while remaining true to my spiritual convictions. 

For example:  like most Pagans, I feel deeply connected to nature.  I revere the Earth as my Mother, and try to live lightly on Her, in the most eco-friendly way possible.  This is one issue that I wrestle with literally many times a day, because unless I move into an off-grid yurt and fend for myself in the wilderness, I know that often I will be forced to make choices that compromise my desires as an environmentalist, and it feels a bit like I'm betraying my religion every time. 

So I do what I can, I weigh my choices, and I try to consider what the God/Goddess would want from me.  Which is not always easy to determine. It can be extremely difficult to listen to the voices of the Divine in your heart when the din of everyday life is constantly threatening to drown out the sound.  And that's what I want to write about, is how to maintain that connection to the Divine, despite this mundane life.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost in the shuffle?

One of the questions I've been asked the most by friends and family is "what is your blog going to be about?" 

That's a tough one... I want to write about my thoughts and perceptions of the world around me as seen through my Pagan eyes.  As I become more and more entrenched in the Pagan community and comfortable with my own existence as a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch (I've been mostly in the "broom closet" for the last 10+ years)  I'm beginning to realize that I see everything through this filter, this worldview that is different from most people around me. 

And yet, I'm just one of many out there blogging about Paganism, so what makes me unique?  Do I have different thoughts and opinions from the masses?  Yes, definitely.  Are these ideas different from my fellow Pagans?  I think that in some cases, the answer is yes.  However, I think that even blogging about my similar views can only be positive, as hopefully I can connect with some like-minded individuals and broaden my circle of friends and acquaintances. 

The main idea occupying my thoughts right now is what to call my blog.  I certainly would like it to be something different or even special, but most importantly, it has to be memorable.  I'm tossing around some ideas, and like the proverbial method of making spaghetti, I think I'll just have to throw some at the wall and see what sticks.

Yes, I suppose it's about time to start.

Well, after a lot of talk, procrastination, deliberately time-consuming reasearch, hemming and hawing, and lots more unproductive avoidance behavior, I've finally started my blog.  Considering that I hope to eventually be a full-time writer, you could say that I should have done this ages ago.  It was my sister (who works in publishing) who ultimately convinced me to do it "for reals!" as we used to say when we were little.  She pointed out that writing a blog is excellent practice, will allow me to network, and might even help me get some exposure in the writing world.  Since it's part of her job that she knows these things (and because she's my sister) I decided it was probably good advice.  I also want to have SOME kind of online presence established by the end of the year when my three articles will be published, so I can be found and people can read more if they feel so inclined.  But most of all, I think that it's time to face my fear that I might not have anything interesting to say, because that's really the core reason I've been dragging my feet on this project.  I suppose it's completely natural for beginning writers to feel this way; probably even seasoned writers have these doubts from time to time.  I think the important thing here is for me to give myself a chance, and see what manifests.  It's not like my blog will be taken away from me if my writing sucks, ha ha.